23 Mar 2016

Welcome to Chalkidiki!

Chalkidiki is a unique place in the world! Endless beaches, magical views, unimaginable sunshines, unforgetable moments are waiting for you to explore and experience!

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Welcome to the paradise of Greece. We invite you to discover this paradise with a scooter, motorbike, ATV or mountainbike. Visit the picturesque town of Hanioti and Pefkohori (with its famous little lagoon), as well as Polichrono with the turtle-lake nearby. Enjoy the aromatic fragrance of oregano, growing everywhere. Drive to the beautiful little village Paliouri, close to the end of this peninsula. On the way to west you will reach the village Loutra, famous because of its sulphur-spring. Fallowing the coast road you reach the seaside resort Kalandra, close to the ancient colony Mende. You could go as well to the small town Posidi and the village Fourka in the interior.

Worth seeing is the town Kassandria as well with its nice market at every Tuesday.

In peninsula of Kassandra you can visit…


Pefkochori village, situated in the southeastern side of Kassandra Halkidiki Greece, is a favorite of Kassandra villages for those who want to spend their holidays in a peaceful and relaxing setting. It is a quaint village, with pedestrian promenades, squares and        gardens. The village gets its name from its pine forest (pefko means pine), which is an ideal place for a nature walk. Pefkochori Beach is splendid, with pristine sand and green-blue waters. It provides visitors many choices for entertainment, full of cafes, bars and  restaurants by the seaside, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the sunset. In Pefkochori (Pefkohori), you can visit the Monastery of Agios Ioannis of Rossou and the Glarokavos Sea-lake. Rent a scooter, motorbike, ATV or mountainbike from “Royal rent a moto” in Polichrono and visit this interesting  destination!


 The settlement of Chanioti (Hanioti) is believed by many to be one of the best holiday spots in Halkidiki Greece, due to its exciting nightlife, lush fauna and a splendid, organized beach. It is located in the middle of the eastern side of the Kassandra Peninsula and  offers a stunning view of the sea and the western side of Sithonia. Hanioti is among the quaintest Kassandra villages, full of small parks, charming squares and tall pine trees. The beach of Hanioti is absolutely beautiful, with fine sands, blue waters, trees that offer  shade and a variety of water sports facilities. Many restaurants, beach bars and clubs that cater to all types of visitors. Don’t forget to rent a scooter, motorbike, ATV or mountainbike from “Royal rent a moto” in Polichrono to make your stay comfortable!


9caa2793658f3cc387f216157300b1ce_XLPolychrono is an historic village of the peninsula, where visitors can view all that they have dreamed for their holidays. Turquoise sea, beach awarded with blue flag, golden sand, green pine and olive trees on the surrounding hills and most of all: Hellenic hospitality.Visitors can watch the sun rise over the small island of Kelyfos and the Mt Athos, in front of the pine forest and the sources in it. They may explore the only lake in the peninsula, the Mavropetra, an admirable natural habitat under the protection of international conventions and Law, since three unique turtle species live there.


01 Emys orbicularis (Carl Linnaeus 1758)

02 Mauremys caspica (Achille Valenciennes 1833)

03 Testudo hermanni boettgeri (Mojsisovics 1889)

In Polychrono, guests may visit the Folk museum, where a small trip to the past will demonstrate the way of living of locals. Also, the village has several churches and traditional buildings.

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 The settlement of Kriopigi is one of the loveliest Kassandra villages, built amphitheatrically on a forested hill above a bay area. It offers one of the finest beaches on the peninsula, which is organized and provides a variety of water sports facilities. From Kriopigi,    visitors have the opportunity to take a short train ride around the area. But should you need a scooter, motorbike, ATV or mountainbike for further explorations, “Royal rent a moto” will provide you the best deals in moto rental.




Kallithea, which means ‘nice view’, was founded in 1922 by refugees from Minor Asia. They came on the site of the sanctuary of Ammon Zeus where the view is magnificent.

Kallithea is also known as Maltepe because the people who moved there came from Maltepe of Propontida.

In Kallithea live around 450 inhabitants and it is the most cosmopolitan place of Kassandra. It is 94 km from Thessaloniki and 51 km from Poligiros.
Kallithea is famous for the wonderful beaches, bars and nightlife. Also you can see archeological findings such as the sanctuary of Ammon Zeus, of which parts of the temple and the area of the altar have been excavated. The altar of Ammon Zeus was established in the 5th century B.C., while the temple was built during the 4th century B.C. Another important sight is the sanctuary of Dionysus and the Nymphs, of which a stone staircase carved into a rock and a cave under it, have been brought to light.

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The seaside village of Afitos (Afytos), situated in the northeastern side of the Kassandra, Halkidiki Greece, is a very popular holiday spot for vacations all year round, which retains its traditional charm, with stone-paved streets and quaint squares. The settlement has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, and is considered one of the most organized Kassandra villages, with a wide range of hotels, apartments and rooms for rent, as well as many restaurants, tavernas, bars and cafes, where you can enjoy a meal of local delicacies or a cool drink, while admiring the view of the Toronaios Gulf. Afitos Beach is a long stretch of sand with crystal-clear waters beneath verdant hills. While staying in Afitos, we suggest taking a stroll though the village to admire the architecture and the traditional atmosphere, and visiting its sites, such as the ruins of Ancient Afitios, the Ancient Millstone Quarries, the Folklore Museum, the natural springs of Moudounou and Vrysitsa.

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 The cosmopolitan coastal village of Fourka, nestle in a forest of a variety of evergreen trees, is one of the loveliest Kassandra villages. Fourka has a distinctive traditional character. A good variety of restaurants and entertainment venues can a visitor enjoy there. Fourka Beach is a spectacular stretch of sand combined with lush pine trees and clean waters. While in Fourka, catch a spot on the beach to watch the golden sunset. It is an unforgettable  experience. All you need is a scooter, motorbike, ATV or mountainbike from “Royal rent a moto” in Polichrono to get you there!


Kalandra is an inland village on the western side of Kassandra Halkidiki, located above Possidi Beach and built in an area surrounded by olive and pine trees, making it one of the greenest Kassandra villages. The village has lovely traditional houses that harmoniously blend with the modern bars and cafes. While in Kalandra, we suggest visiting the Ancient Site of Mendi and the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, which has some impressive murals. Moto rental from “Royal rent a moto” will help you visit this lovely place quickly and easily!